Yoga and the Brain: A Vision of Possibilities: ‘she was becoming more empathic with others’

More surprising to her, Dr. Lazar discovered that she was becoming more empathic with others and could more easily see things from their perspective…

At the intersection between biology and psychology, a new field was emerging called social neuroscience.

It’s the study of how our nervous system affects the way we interact with one another and how we express emotions like empathy and compassion.

At the center of several studies in this field are yoga and meditation, ancient practices that are gaining new life….

We envision using yoga and meditation for social transformation, beginning with the individual. In an anxiety-provoking world, the key to peace is peaceful individuals who one by one can reach a state of calmness and empathy.

There is no better antidote, we feel, for us-versus-them thinking, which is fundamentally based on lack of empathy and elevated stress. 

Deepak Chopra