Workshop: Empathic and Dynamic Inquiry: Empathy and Creative Innovation

A few weeks ago, I received an brief e-mail from Seung Chan Lim, otherwise known as Slim. He had come across my DiaPraxis website (and possibly, my paper on Empathy and Collaborative Meaning-Making) and wanted to know about upcoming workshops. As I started to write him back, I noticed his email address was connected to a website, And thus I came to learn more about his amazing work, which is directly relevant to the work that we do with group facilitation….

I can’t write about empathy without mentioning the work of my friend Edwin Rutsch, who curated the “Empathy in Human-Centered Design”Scoop-it page I linked to earlier.

Edwin is the founder, an amazing treasure-trove of resources on empathy. Among other things, Edwin has been interviewing leading experts on empathy from a wide variety of different fields, and posting the interviews online…

Last-but-not-least, Edwin and I are about to begin some small-group experiments, called “Beyond Dynamic Facilitation”, where we’ll be exploring the application of DF principles in an on-line environment, to create new forms of online facilitation. I’ll keep you posted! Either on this blog, and/or, through our Diapraxis e-mail newsletter.

by Rosa Zubizarreta