Workshop: Compassion focused therapy for shyness & social anxiety

The Shyness Institute and the East Bay Behavior Therapy Center are pleased to announce the upcoming workshop:
Compassion Focused Therapy for Shyness and Social Anxiety

Disorder: Compassionate Social Fitness
This introductory course will introduce participants to the basic ideas and interventions used in Paul Gilbert’s Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) integrated into Dr. Henderson’s protocol, Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for shyness and social anxiety disorder called Social Fitness Training.

CFT teaches clients ways to cultivate self-compassion and to mindfully develop healthier relationships with difficult emotions. We will explore the roots of compassion in an evolutionary theory of attachment and emotion regulation.

Through experiential exercises, role-plays, and didactic instruction, participants will learn how developing the compassionate mind can help individuals to experience positive, affiliative emotions, face painful feelings, and establish a secure base.