Women’s Happiness In Relationships Tied To Men’s Empathy: Study

When it comes to the tiffs (or the full-blown fights) that inevitably come up in relationships, it turns out that a woman doesn’t need the man in her life to feel her pain. She just needs to think that he’s trying to feel it…


For women, satisfaction in a relationship was most strongly associated with feeling that their partners’ were making that effort — no matter whether their partners actually understood them or not.

“Women may place greater value on partners’ empathic effort, perhaps because this behavior emphasizes the desire and investment of their male partners to be attentive and emotionally attuned in the relationship,” the authors wrote in the study, which was published online by the Journal of Family Psychology.


For men, that effort mattered too, but a stronger indicator of their relationship satisfaction was whether they were able to identify when their partners were happy.