Why war? It’s a question Americans should be asking.

As the United States charges once more into war, little debate has centered on the actual utility of war. Instead, policymakers and pundits have focused their comments on combating the latest danger to our nation and its interests as posed by Islamic State militants.

Jim Manske’s insight:
Ever since childhood, the "utility" of war has puzzled me. It seemed to me that every war we studied in school eventually subsided into relative peace. I wondered, given that, why not go for the peace sooner rather than later…

Now, we have become conditioned to accept a constant war-footing…sending young men and women into harm’s way at great expense of individual and collective well-being…

In the world I want to live in, the military would be solely for implementing the protective use of force, and used only after all attempts at connection, understanding and mutuality have been exhausted.

Oy vey.