‘Why Focus on Empathy?’ By Professor Lorraine Gamman – design against crime

Professor Lorraine Gamman focuses on the different degrees of empathy and why these are important for design.

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Lorraine Gamman is Professor of Design at the University of the Arts London; She founded the award-winning Design Against Crime Research Centre at Central Saint Martins in 1999 that has delivered many student projects and been supported by external funding between 2000-2015 from the AHRC, ESCRC , EPSRC and the Design Council/Home Office, to deliver numerous academic outputs.

She is currently (2014-16) Principal Investigator on the AHRC funded ‘Extending Empathy’ network 2014-15; Co-Investigator on the EU FP7 funded ‘Graffolution’ project and also Principal Investigator on the AHRC-funded 2015-16 ‘Design Thinking for Prison Industries’ project that will explore how best to co-design products against crime with prison inmates in the UK and India to help visualize the idea of anti crime design as a form of restorative justice in action.