Why empathy in the classroom is so important

A new study out of Stanford shows that when teachers maintain an empathetic mind frame, students are less likely to be expelled.


The study was conducted by Jason Okonofua, Stanford psychology post-doctoral fellow and lead author on the paper, psychology researcher David Paunesku, and Stanford associate professor of psychologyGregory Walton and was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.


According to a press release on the study, these results came from the culmination of three separate experiments on inspiring empathy in teachers. ….


Approaching discipline with empathy works it practice too, according to 2016 Teacher of the Year Jahana Hayes. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Hayes explained that students need to be allowed to be kids and to handle problems from the point a student is at, not the point an educator feels the student should be at.


by Abby Payne