Why America Lacks Global Leaders

Some 20 years of research by hundreds of experts have found that successful global leaders have great soft skills, At a recent conference on global leadership at Northeastern University, nearly 150 experts in the field came together to discuss the qualities and competencies of global leaders. Their recent combined work still tallies with studies conducted since 1994 in finding, over and over, that the common characteristics of successful global leaders fall into the same soft-skills bucket, like “emotional intelligence,” “listening,” and “authenticity.” …


Cultural empathy requires a degree of egolessness, because you have to surrender the notion that your country, or language, or point of view is best. Cultural empathy means that you have to not just see through the eyes of someone who is different, but you have to think through that person’s brain. True cultural empathy springs from personality, early nurturing, curiosity, and appreciation of diversity.


by Bronwyn Fryer