Why 40 Days of Peace?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. championed the cause of peace and the “Beloved Community”, yet in America and around the world our communities are negatively impacted by drugs, crime, and violence.


For 40 days, beginning with the Martin Luther King Holiday Jr. in 2014, national and local partners, individuals, families, communities, schools, communities of faith, community organizations and many others will focus on helping to start building a peaceful community.


You can make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others by acting peacefully during this period and help to create a community of peace.

Jim Manske’s insight:
Please join me in a commitment to live from the consciousness that we are one.Please, let every word that you speak or type be empathically cleansed ofany thought or feeling of separateness before you open your mouth or press “send”. (This in no way implies there is a correct form!)Please, let every word you hear be filtered by empathy so all you hear is “Please” and “Thank you”.Please, let every communication express our common aim of living nonviolence and compassion.May we remember our vision and mission each and every moment, and measure our own actions (and inactions) in relation to those commitments.