Who’s More Compassionate? People of Faith or Atheists? – Christian Forums

Once a week I visit a local senior center (am I still allowed to call them nursing homes?) and I lead a Bible study and hymn sing. A handful of older ladies attend. They enjoy the time we spend together, and I enjoy it as well. I do ask myself every so often why I am doing this. Is the reason based upon the pleasure I receive from my trips? Or, is it because I have compassion for the people of this particular senior center? Or is the reason because of some religious law or conviction that compels me to help the poor and down trodden? I’m not sure, but I can tell you that the reason is probably hiding in those questions somewhere….


Maybe the people who did the study should sit with me as I hang with my lady friends at the senior center. Maybe then they might see that compassion has nothing to do with polling questions. It has everything to do with loving God and loving people.


Pastor Bill