What is the next big thing in the social sector? Empathy.

Mary Gordon from Roots of Empathy is working to create a world where every person has the chance to develop their emotional literacy. At a panel called “Empathy Leadership” at the Skoll World Forum, she shared that she didn’t believe that empathy could be taught, but that it “could be caught”, and she’s hoping to make it a pandemic.


Presenting with her was Bill Drayton who is often credited with being the father of “social enterprise,” which means he‘s a staple figure at the Skoll World Forum. His efforts in founding and building Ashoka for the last thirty years have been integral in finding, connecting, funding, and celebrating global changemakers, and the current iteration of Ashoka’s work is focused on empathy. In fact, over 700 Ashoka Fellows do work focusing on youth education and empathy development, and his team is looking to support even more leadership in this area over the next few years.