Welcome to Restorative Communication.

We are an organisation dedicated to shepherding a more peaceful world, one person at a time.

Our tools are the fundamental gifts virtually ubiquitous amongst all humanity and the guidance of ‘the masters of peace’. People, some of whom are still very much alive, who have paved a way for us all to peace.

In part, this website represents a growing community of  Nonviolent Communication (NVC) advocates dedicated to providing learning opportunities and to more fully living Non Violently in whatever communities we find ourselves. We acknowledge that nobody can be taught anything, everyone is whole as they are and that change is always a choice. We also acknowledge that Nonviolent does not always mean ‘nice.’ For this we are particularly grateful for the work of, and wish to acknowledge Carl Rodgers and Marshall Rosenberg

We also believe that conflict is our greatest friend in living Non-violently and that it is something that can be seen as a gift. For this we are grateful for all who have pioneered the arena of alternative justice, particularly Dominic Barter.

No one person is the custodian of all the answers humanity has on offer. Our organisational goal is to share the answers we find most useful with as many people as we can in the hope that a paradigm of peace will be humanities destiny