Watch Stephen Colbert stop the jokes to have a deeply emotional interview with Joe Biden

JB: Promise me you’re going to be all right. Because no matter what happens, Dad, I’m going to be all right. Promise me.”

This is a kid who, I don’t know what it was about him, he had this enormous sense of empathy.

I’m not making this up. I know I maybe sound like a father….

 JB: I marvel, I marvel at the ability of people to absorb hurt and just get back up, and most of them do it with an incredible sense of empathy to other people. I mean, it’s interesting, the people I find who I’m most drawn to are people who have been hurt and yet, I’m not going to embarrass you, but you’re one of them, buddy….

 SC: Why do you think he was so modest about his own accomplishments and he wanted to serve with such modesty? 

JB: Because he had such great courage and such great empathy. I mean, when he got to Iraq he asked permission of his commanding general could he take the name Biden off of his identification.

I forget, I think he had Roberts on it because he didn’t want anybody giving him anything special. That’s who Beau was