Video Games that Foster Global Empathy: Real Lives and Quandary

Can certain video games teach kids social-emotional learning skills?


Now more than ever, the value of empathy is being recognized in our efforts to understand others across cultural and geographical divides. On this blog, we’ve covered the role of empathy in schools, parenting, society, and business. But this benevolent trend has now manifested itself even in the world of video games.

Real Lives is a simulation game developed by Bob Runyan and Ashoka FellowParag Mankeekar that allows players to inhabit the lives of individuals around the world. This game enables us to perceive the world through the eyes of another person within a context that is considerably different from our own and to undergo experiences that this individual is likely to have within his or her social setting, based on statistically accurate realities and events.


By Rukmini Banerjee