Training Course – Marshall Rosenberg – Session #4 – Empathy (1)

Nonviolent Communication Training Course (Full) – Marshall Rosenberg

Here is a link to an audio Training Course by Marshall Rosenberg. In this section he talks about the dynamics of empathy.

“In this session I will be discussing the dynamics of empathy as practiced within Nonviolent Communication. As an image to help you understand what I mean by empathy, I’d like to refer to an image that was quoted in a book, ‘Here and Now’…

The image goes this way, I relate empathy to surfboard riding. I say, imagine yourself getting up on a surfboard. This entails getting in touch with a certain energy. If you get on exactly, you can get knocked off. To me, empathy is somewhat like that Empathy is getting in-touch with a life energy that is coming through another person. .”

Training Course by Marshall Rosenberg
Session #4 – Empathy (1)

 3:12:42 – Session #4 – Empathy (1)