Top tips on how to teach empathy and curb bullying

On World Kindness Day, Vinciane Rycroft finds out why happiness may matter more in the classroom than results…


Teaching empathy is experiential. There is no flash card for empathy, it does not develop like that. You have to see it, to experience it, so we need to teach with empathy. My main advice to teachers is very simple: “Let’s be people, human beings, before we are teachers.”


And that starts with taking care of ourselves. Teachers are incredibly hard on themselves, in the same way that parents are hard on themselves. People don’t appreciate how emotionally exhausting teaching is. So my first advice is really love yourself. Also, we might find that when we teach with empathy, we are less exhausted, because as we are connecting with students, they will behave differently, and it will reduce stress in the classroom.


Vinciane Rycroft