Toolkit for “Empathy for the ‘A'” | Teaching Tolerance – Diversity, Equity and Justice

Toolkit for “Empathy for the ‘A'”

Empathy and academics need not be mutually exclusive. In fact, a focus on empathy can increase student achievement. This toolkit for “Empathy for the ‘A’” shows teachers how to build empathy into their practice with a few adjustments to the things they already do.    

Students learn much more than academics at school. Through what they model, whether explicitly or more subtly, educators teach their students about morals, values, attitudes and feelings. “Empathy for the ‘A’” shows how greater emphasis on teaching empathy can result in academic gains. This toolkit offers suggestions for building empathy in the classroom by enhancing or modifying five areas of common teacher practice.

Essential Questions

  • How does teaching empathy affect student achievement?
  • How can teachers focus on empathy in the classroom?
  • Procedure