Too Busy to Get Happy? Think Again. 4 Ways to Kickstart Happiness » Just Coach It-The 3Q Edge

Here are the facts you need to know:

The World Health Organizations forecasts that stress will be the major cause of disability in the world by 2020;
Science confirms that optimization of our intellectual potential, health and wellness start with priming our brain to be happy;
Learning to get happier, taking time to have happy moments during the day, is critical to your health, your wellness, your potential, your work…your life.


Kickstart Happiness

1. Suspend disbelief:
Science tells us that there is no logical reason to explain how a bumblebee can fly. No way to understand the bumblebee’s aerodynamic capability. And yet this small, winged insect has made flight a priority and defies logic every minute, every day flying from flower to flower. What does the unexplained flight of a bumblebee have to do with happiness? Absolutely everything. Happiness is very much like the bumblebee’s incredible ability to fly. It is not the product of our intellect. It is something that we have to feel. It occurs when we suspend disbelief, disengage from intellect and feel with our heart.


2. Take time to be happy every day:
In the very busyness of the lives we have created, it is easy to reach a place and a personal space there is no joy. When joy cannot enter our heart, when we have reached a dark place where we have lost touch with that which replenishes and restores our full passion, power and creativity, we have come to an apocalypse of self. An apocalypse of self where we are so focused on doing, that we have forgotten how to be one with the seedbed of our possibility and personal power, we have lost touch with our ability to be happy.

3. Understand how your brain works:
Your brain will retain what is important to you or what has an emotional trigger. Scientific research notes that 2 billion pieces of data come through our senses every second. Our reticular activating system (RAS) then filters this data and tells our brain what information to pay attention to, what stimuli to focus on. The RAS filters what we will load into our conscious mind according to three criteria: 1. Is the information important for our survival? 2. Is the information new or different? 3. Does the information have high emotional content for us?

4. Make happiness a priority. Just as the bumblebee wants to fly, each human being has a basic desire, an innate need to be happy. True happiness cannot be purchased, bartered or bargained for. Happiness comes from our heart; it starts by training our brain to recognize and emphasize what the heart already knows

1. Happiness is important for our survival, as it is the seedbed of inspiration and innovation.
2. Happiness comes in new and different ways that can enlighten and engage us.
3. Happiness is the emotion that holds the key to our true power.


No matter where you are, what you are doing, how you are feeling, you can retrain your brain to be happier. Yes, we can be like a bumble bee and create what we truly want. Seize the day. Seize your personal power to reclaim an attitude of gratitude, an emotional pause that shouts loudly to the realm of possibility. Take time each day for a happiness moment.