This thing we call empathy – Sensitive and Extraordinary Kids

This thing we call empathy is strong in our little HSCs. No matter how it expresses itself, it’s important that we recognize it, understand it, nurture it.

As an adult, I can confirm that these strong empathetic feelings cease to be brought up by objects.

. Yes, sometimes it makes us sad when we lose or break or sell something, but it’s sadness we feel, not empathy. Having to sell an old car makes us sad because it was part of our lives for so long, because of the memories that come with it, because of the stories it gave us, and not because we are hurting its feelings (unless you make the mistake of naming your car like I did my poor old Betsie). Instead, our empathy is incredibly strong for people, and all those other things we used to feel change into deep love and respect for things, animals and nature. 

Leila Boukarim