This short video introduced me to VS Ramachandran and the field of mirror neurons and empathy

If you have not heard of mirror neurons then you will be blown away by this TED talk. Mirror neurons seem to be directly connected to empathy in a very direct way.


With the advances by neurologists like RV Rama, previously inexplicable human traits are now quite easily integrated into a more humanistic understanding of what it means to be a human at this critical time.


Ramachandran suggests that simply mimicking movement is not an effective learning tool. if we can put ourselves in the shoes of the teacher and understand ‘why’ we learn quicker, we attach meaning to our teacher’s actions and mirror neurons make this empathy integral to how we experience EVERYTHING.


The implications of RV Rama’s work are far reaching and profound, I am sure you will enjoy the video.


ps. This view of the function of mirror neurons seems to be widely accepted at this time, however other researchers are less convinced of the profound implications which RV Rama puts on mirror neurons. It is early days in our understanding of neurology and empathy.