Thinkfluence Man Pretends To Think Empathy Is Bad

“Against Empathy” makes a hell of a title for a video. It’s bold and spicy!


Empathy is bad is quite a strong take, after all, given that empathy—broadly speaking, the capacity to relate to and share the feelings and perspectives of others—is a core, defining trait of humanity, which will tend to be the largest demographic sector of any video’s viewership.


This week, The Atlantic published a video with that title on its website. It is bad and stupid, the latest absurdity (and one of the lowest) to which the “well-credentialed people saying wrong yet arresting things” industry has reduced the collective knowledge of humankind.

“Empathy is fundamentally, from a moral standpoint, a bad thing,” says the video’s star, Yale psychology and cognitive science professor Paul Bloom. “It makes the world worse.


by Albert Burneko