Therapy Today – Promoting wellbeing through compassion

Research suggests that teaching people to develop self-compassion can reduce shame and self-criticism, as well as lead to improvements in other psychiatric symptoms


It’s hard to think of any talking therapy that doesn’t assume the importance of practising with compassion, and at the very least we are all familiar with Rogers’ core conditions of unconditional positive regard, empathy and congruence. …


CFT in practice
Chris Irons is a clinical psychologist who works for a mental health team in East London and was supervised by Gilbert. ‘I have been using CFT as my overarching model clinically for about six years with a broad base of clients including severe and chronic depression, trauma and enduring mental health problems. Sometimes just working with the formulation alone can be very powerful and it can be fascinating to see how patients depict the sizes of the circles with pen and paper – with the “threat circle” being huge, the drive system small, and the soothing system a tiny dot.’


by Julia Bueno