The unreasonable “Empathy request” – Understanding the Dynamics and How to deal with it | Psychology Corner

In the present times, being empathic is considered a very desirable attribute. We read and learn about its role in bettering any type of relationship, we try to assimilate tips on how to exercise it more and at the same time we construct a mental category in which we place the “un-empathic” individual, as an anti-model of being. We know that lacking empathy can be a sign of antisocial personality disorder, we know that serial killers can’t be empathic and we try to make anything in order to display empathy as a value and also as proof that we are fit for the social environment we want to be a part of.


Recent private communications with Dr. Loretta Breuning – author, Professor Emerita of Management at California State University, East Bay, and a docent at the Oakland Zoo – have shown that the subject of empathy in present social contexts is not that easy to deal with when trying to make both yourself and others happy.


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