The Radical Empathy Now campaign

The Radical Empathy Now campaign is an evolution of the life work and dreams of Dr. Craig Pierce. Dr. Pierce founded Southwest Family Guidance Center & Institute in 2004 in Albuquerque, New Mexico to provide child and family therapy in the high needs state with the mission of promoting healing and transformation for the clients and community his agency serves.
His passion for improving the lives of others inspired him to write his first book, Parenting without Distraction: The Attunetion Approach. The book is dedicated to helping those with children to parent with greater confidence, ease and love. The Attunetion Approach calls upon us all to stop, pay attention and tune in to what matters most in our lives. Only then can we determine the Right Thing, Right Time and Right Way to approach what is most valuable to us in order to achieve our desired outcomes; whether it be in relation to parenting, or any other aspect of our lives.