The Power of Empathy and Focusing: Ann Weiser Cornell and Edwin Rutsch

Ann Weiser Cornell is an author, educator, and worldwide authority on Focusing, the self-inquiry psychotherapeutic technique developed by Eugene Gendlin. She has written several definitive books on Focusing.

Empathy can change the world. And it changes situations when we bring empathy in…

So the power of empathy to open a space where something new can happen is enormously impressive and yes, in 44 years now of working with Focusing and listening, I’ve seen it over and over and over again.  Now that is very powerful.


 So what I would say is, empathy releases impasse.

That is true and we see it all over the place when it’s possible in groups, in working groups,
 even people who 
love each other.

 Focusing really takes the relationship into this
 felt sense, I think that it really does a lot 
to facilitate empathic connection.