The Neurobiology of Empathy | Therapy and the Brain

The Neurobiology of Empathy

Recent research on the neurophysiology of empathy teaches us that we are hard-wired to connect. That connection can go haywire from trauma or repeated external stressors.

In this one hour keynote presentation at the International Imago Therapy conference, Dr. Earley discusses the neurophysiology of empathy.

Empathy part starts at 1:21 

  • Definition
  • importance of naming of feelings 
  • Malfunctions of empathy
    • * Alexitymic
    • antisocial personality, 
    • Narcissistic
    • Sadistic, 
    • shadenfreude, 
    • autism
  • Components of Empathy;  feel emotions, conceptualize the other person, theory of mind,   differentiation between you and others
  • Reading faces –  Botox difficult to read others feelings,
  • * yawning example
  • 1:37 mirror neurons 

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