The Medicine of Gratitude: Tami Simon interviews Angeles Arrien

There are really three medicines that you should put in your medicine bundle every day, which are the power of genuine acknowledgment and gratitude, genuine apology, and the spirit of laughter and joy.


One of the ways of cultivating gratitude is, at the end of the day, to really look at the blessings and the learnings and the mercies and the protections. To look at the four quadrants of our life that, you know: “What really worked well at work or in my relationship today, or financially or healthwise?” or, “Where did I feel that I had grown today personally in my own character?” or, “Risks that I may have taken.” And the process of reflection, of taking a look at even the four universal tracking questions of “What inspired me today?” or, “What challenged me? Who or what challenged me today?” or, “What surprised me today?” or, “What touched and moved me today?” are doorways to integrating our experience. And when we can integrate our experience, then we can open to gratitude.