The Importance of Boosting Emotional Intelligence and Teaching Empathy to Kids

There are many reasons why parents should consider teaching empathy and nurturing emotional intelligence in their kids. In basic terms, empathy is the ability to be able to put oneself in someone else’s shoes and understand that person’s emotions and feelings.

Why Emotional Intelligence and Empathy Matter

Studies have shown that empathy is an essential life skill. Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient, or E.Q. — being able to understand one’s own feelings and the feelings of others as well as being able to control one’s own emotions and exercise self control — is thought to be more important for success in life than I.Q., or intelligence quotient.

Empathy can also be an important factor in teaching kids what bullying is and how not to engage in bullying behavior. Teaching empathy is thus an important foundation in preventing bullying in school.

By Katherine Lee