The Empathy Machine

The Empathy Machine is a walk in booth big enough for one person. There is a woman on a video screen waiting to greet you. You are allowed to talk to her and she is programmed to respond to you.

The Empathy Machine is a futuristic pop up booth that you walk into when you are feeling down and need to talk to someone. However she is programmed be a digitally glitchy version. She interrupts you when you speak, and doesn’t really listen at all. It plays on the idea that even though our daily interactions become more computer based, an on-screen persona may never replicate the empathetic nature of a real live human being.

Online doctors and medication is a rapidly growing area. Without touch, and physical awareness or assessment, the diagnosis may be wrong or not helpful at all. Its based on facial and voice detection, with a series of pre recorded prompts and questions.