The Education of Compassion – Gesundheit! Institute

Here is an invitation to medical students, nursing students, and all other health care students in the world to explore compassion (tender, loving, fun care) and its delivery from September, 2010 to September 2011.

The plan is to gather data so that we can collectively then create an embedded course in all the years of medical school in order to graduate compassionate beloved physicians.

Can compassion (tender, loving, fun care) become a central interest and action in your life and at all times?

The practice of medicine is the practice of compassion in the deep engagement with people and their families. One can never promise to cure; one can promise to care 100%. The compassion is equally given to self and coworkers. Compassion is the love portion of the word care in the phrase “health care delivery system.

Compassion is a conscious way of being loving to create atmospheres in human groups and ways of being with people that make comfort and ease suffering.

by Patch Adams, MD