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I’ll be interviewed four times this month by Pattie Porter, the Texas Conflict Coach, about how to foster empathy for resolving conflict. See the program schedule and listen in at:http://j.mp/130SJQ9 

Pattie is a conflict resolution expert, mediator, conflict coach, facilitator and speaker.  In this first of our four episode radio series – Conflict and Empathy: Where Has Empathy and Compassion Gone?– we will introduce the “wheel of empathy” and the “feel of empathy” as defined by Edwin Rutsch, Founder of a global empathy movement called The Center for Building a Culture of Empathy. We will also discuss how compassion intertwines with empathy and set the foundation for how you build empathy. 

Welcome to Texas Conflict Coach. I am your host Pattie Porter, conflict resolution expert, mediator, conflict coach, facilitator and speaker.

Join me and our special guests live every Tuesday for a 30 minute program.

Our program aims to “Coach you through conflict constructively” to
• Become more self-aware
• Build your conflict competency skills
• Learn to negotiate effectively
• Manage and cool your hot buttons
• Learn resources and tools for effective conflict management

You will hear about all kinds of situations and strategies to deal with those stressful conflict tensions that show up in our everyday lives whether it be at work, in our relationships with family or neighbors, in our communities and church, in your business partnerships, or just simply the conflict we deal within ourselves.