Teaching Kids about Empathy | Kid World Citizen

How else can parents teach a child to be empathetic and compassionate towards others?


Children who have grown up in loving environments have some inherent compassion, because they been nurtured and have had their needs met. Our environments, and especially our parents’ actions shape young children and build the foundation of their personality. Children develop empathy as they witness kindness towards others, respect for other cultures and races, and examples of how to stand up for what’s right in the face of discrimination. As parents and caretakers model compassion and empathy towards their partners, children, friends, and even strangers, we demonstrate how to put our feelings into an action that helps the person suffering and alleviates their situation.


Our children observe our empathy when we assist someone who just dropped their groceries, return a phone left behind, stop a joke based on stereotypes, bring dinner to a new mom, or stick up for kids who are getting picked on. We are the model from which are children learn.

by Becky Morales