(Teaching Empathy) Want Your Kids To Care? Let Them Play |  Michele Borba

10 Tips to Help Us Stop Stressing the Empathy Out of Our Kids

1. Cut one activity to make room for play with friends.

Sit down with your child and his calendar right now and ask: is there one extra activity that can be cut to free up time to connect with peers and practice social skills? Make sure “be with friend” is added to the agenda. Kids are starved for play—so it’s crucial that during these few short months we make up this deficit as much as possible.

REALITY CHECK: 80% of kids say they wish they had more free time; 41% admit feeling stressed most of the time because they have too much to do. 

2. Choose activities that emphasizes fun.
(A diverse mix of kids doesn’t hurt either!)

Kids need time to relax and be in situations that force them to interact with other kids—and if some of those other kids represent other races, cultures, genders and belief systems, so much the better.