(Teaching Empathy) How to Nurture Empathy in Kids–and Why It’s So Important

How Parents can Encourage Emotional Intelligence and Empathy in Their Children

While some people mistakenly believe that empathy is something we are born with and therefore either naturally have or don’t have, the fact is that it is a skill that can be taught. Here are some ways parents can try teaching empathy and boost their child’s emotional intelligence.

Make sure your child’s own emotional needs are met. In order for a child to be able to feel and express empathy for someone else, her own emotional needs must first be met. She must be able to count on her parents and caregivers to provide emotional support before she can provide it to someone else.

Teach your child how to cope with negative emotions….

Ask, “How would you feel?…

Name that feeling…

Talk about positive and negative behaviors around you. …

Set a good example….


 By Katherine Lee