Teaching Empathy – Encouraging Appropriate Behaviour

These days, bullying is rampant.  From locker rooms to social media, kids gang up on other children, leaving them in tears or worse, causing them to consider or attempt suicide.  

When you read the constant reports about such merciless bullying, you have to wonder, how can you teach children to be empathetic? Are our children lacking Empathy?


  •  What is Empathy? According to New York Times blogger Jessica Lahey, “In order to be truly empathetic, children need to learn more than simple perspective-taking; they need to know how to value, respect and understand another person’s views, even when they don’t agree with them.” …
  •  Modeling Empathy. But how do you model empathy?  One of the most important ways to teach empathy is to model empathetic behavior.  …
  •  Peer Pressure. One of the biggest reasons for bullying is peer pressure. ..
  •  Fighting the Cliques. One of the biggest reasons for bullying is the crowd mentality….
  •  Empathy Fosters Diversity. Empathy involves more than simply feeling sorry for other people – it involves doing something about the situation if they are suffering..