(Teaching Empathy) 7 Ways to Teach Empathy and Prevent Bullying

Make sure your child’s emotional needs are met. It is very difficult for children to treat others kindly if they do not feel loved. Everyone knows that one of the reasons that kids bully others is that they don’t feel good about themselves. Parents cannot expect their kids to be loving and kind to others if they are not being treated with love and kindness. This is especially true for victims of bullying or victims of sibling bullying.


Here are seven ways you can teach your child empathy.

  1. Make sure your child’s emotional needs are met….
  2. Ensure kids can identify and share their feelings….
  3. Encourage kids to explore other perspectives…
  4. Model empathy using everyday opportunities…
  5. Teach kids to find common ground with others….
  6. Encourage kids to imagine how someone else feels….
  7. Talk to kids about how their behavior impacts others….


By Sherri Gordon