(Teaching Eamphty) The Importance Of Teaching Empathy To Preschoolers, Why All Parents & Teachers Should Do It

At its simplest, empathy is the awareness of the feelings and emotions of other people. It goes beyond sympathy, which is often thought of as feeling for someone, and instead, is feeling with that person.


When we are empathetic toward someone else, we think before we speak or act, and instead, find a way to make them feel supported, loved, cared for, or even just simply understood.


Practicing empathy can be as deep and as challenging as being there for someone during rough times, or as surface as making an effort to be kind to the people and things we come across in our own little worlds each and every day. This mindset entails the basic necessity of respect and the knowledge that we must treat others as we want to be treated ourselves.

  • We’re Born With It
  • It Can Lead To Success
  • There Are Many Ways To Build Empathy
  • Video On Empathy