Super Tuesday Exit Polls: Ohio Voters Divided Over Most Electable Versus Most Empathetic Candidate

“Can’t Buy Me Love” might be the headline of the Super Tuesday primaries: Mitt Romney prevails on electability, but in terms of a personal connection with voters’ concerns, it’s another matter. 


Then consider Tennessee, otherwise a very different state, with, for example, far more evangelical and very conservative voters than Ohio – but a similar story on electability vs. empathy.


There’s a bit of a shift in these preliminary results from Florida, the only state where the empathy question was asked previously this year. There Romney did prevail on empathy, but by less of a margin than his vote total. Thirty-four percent picked him as best understanding average people’s problems, vs. 27 percent for Newt Gingrich – a 7-point gap in a state Romney won by 14.