Study Links Empathy, Self-Esteem, and Autonomy with Increased Sexual Enjoyment

John Hopkins School of Public Health


Sexual pleasure among young adults (ages 18-26) is linked to healthy psychological and social development.


Among the young women, measures of self-esteem, autonomy, and empathy are positively associated with the three types of sexual pleasure. “These three developmental assets may enable young women, as well as young men, to experience higher levels of sexual pleasure,” said Galinsky.

Sexual enjoyment in the three areas is consistently associated only with empathy for the young men. “Our hypothesis is that empathetic individuals are more responsive to a partner’s needs, and thus initiate a positive feedback cycle,” said Galinsky.


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(Empathy)  Key to Better Sex Revealed in New Study
People who can better communicate and understand another person’s emotions are more likely to have a satisfying sex life, new research finds….Empathy is the ability to take another’s perspective, to see things from their angle and understand and respond to their emotions….


“Sexual health includes sexual well-being, and sexual enjoyment is an important part [of that],” said study researcher Adena Galinsky, of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. “How people interact and their ability to listen to each other and take each other’s perspective can really influence the sex that they have.”