Empathy needed for good health, good education and good treatment in occupations where encounters with other people at the center. recent years, interest in empathy increased significantly. research was a new way of becoming interdisciplinary and led to many new discoveries. Among otherwise it has been empathy base of the brain on the tracks by the discovery of mirror neurons.

Empathy. Theoretical and practical perspectives provides an overview of the rapidly expanding research in this area, while practical guidance for their professional life. The book also provides the opportunity for specialization in the psychological,neuroscientific and philosophical inquiry, empathy tank’s history and research on empathy in professional life. From inside the book: 

empathy as understanding of others’ thoughts and feelingsempathy as a professional approachmirror neurons and empathy because of brain functioningrelationship between empathy, compassion and moralityempathy and crimemeasurement of empathyempathy tank’s development and history

The book fits in training for, among other psychologists, nurses,therapists, physicians, physical therapists and professionals in education, social care and social work.

“Empathy is a property of fundamental importance to interpersonal relationships. understand we are not at our fellow man, we can not interact, support, manage conflict and work together in an optimal way. And it can be anything from everyday encounters to situations in life and dead. “

From the preface of the book by Stefan Einhorn