Struggling neighborhoods need partners, not saviors: We need to build a more empathetic city.

We need to build a more empathetic city. We will need passionate, caring people. 

People who know how it feels to walk in the shoes of someone who is homeless, someone who does not have self-esteem, or someone who has been looked down upon too many times and does not trust those who are trying to help. But we not only need individuals who understand how others feel and what problems they face; we need people to be able and willing to do something about the situation. 

Empathetic feelings need to translate into innovative strategies that lead to impactful results. 

Empathy can be taught at home as well as in schools. Many schools across the country are incorporating empathy into their curricula, and it can be practiced during the service projects our high school and university students do every year.  Importantly, we need to practice empathy as often as possible and model it for our children. 

Anna Monhart