Stop Commanding: Start Unleashing

Two years ago, we began a quest to uncover the key principles and practices for cultivating empathy – principles we’d seen continually recurring across our network of Fellows and Changemaker Schools. We wanted a way to help educators who were eager to follow their lead – who hungered to create the kind of classroom community that breeds empathy and agency, and who were looking to learn from others who’d already been there. What emerged was a set of principles, stories, and suggested strategies – all designed to continuously evolve as others contributed their ideas.

But that begged the next question: how can we generate a collective rallying cry among parents and educators – those who are itching to talk about and think about education in a new way? What can we do to get people through the door? How should we share the stories, tools, and resources we’ve amassed from our Fellows and Changemaker Schools network, with anyone who finds value in them? And how can we encourage those same teachers and parents to share strategies of their own?