Spill Expands ‘empathy Engine’ to High School Students, Launches Mobile App | Virtual-Strategy Magazine

Previously exclusive to college students, Spill extends its listening network to high school students and post-grads. Individuals can now “spill” about life anonymously on the iPhone and Android apps, and share encouragement with one another.


How do we stomp out bullying in our classrooms? Reduce the prevalence of shootings in our schools? Stop young adults from ending their lives too soon?


One word: Empathy. By challenging young adults to take the time to listen, understand, and relate to one another, we can grow the next generation of rational decision makers.


Spill, an anonymous network for peer encouragement, is announcing the expansion of its college ‘empathy engine’ to high school students and post-grads. With the simultaneous release of its iPhone and Android apps, users can now “spill” confidentially about personal problems at any time in any place through their smartphones, and receive encouraging messages from fellow peers.