We believe that teaching nonviolent communication at every grade level in our schools will prevent the violent killing that is increasingly prevalent in our schools and society. We ask that our governmental leaders make this education mandatory in our nation’s schools, beginning at the earliest grades and continuing through graduation from high school.

Jim Manske’s insight:
As we deepen into a political season marked by the deepest polarization (at least according to the media) that I have ever experienced, I am grateful for the reminder that thousands of people support nonviolence and educating our children in Nonviolent Communication. Our friends, Genesis and Sulara, started this petition, and in light of recent events on the political scene, it seems important to re-energize our collective efforts to let those we elect know we value NVC and appreciate how it can create a better world for all of us-no matter what your political preferences may be! Would you be willing to read and sign the petition? What could you do to help this "go viral"?