Service based learning builds empathy | MSU Extension

Demonstrate and build healthy relationships by showing empathy and kindness towards others.


Michigan State University Extension promotes strategies for developing empathy through its BeSAFEbullying prevention curriculum and trainings, including:


* Creating safe settings (homes, schools, afterschool programs, faith-based groups): An environment where youth are respected and not judged opens communication and sharing.* Exploring connections to human differences: Talking about disparages and injustices to minorities affirms realities and encourages critical consciousness.* Working in partnership with youth: Involving youth in the brainstorming, planning, action and follow-up process fosters ownership of a project and in a group.* Positive adult modeling of empathy and respect: How adults treat each other and youth in community settings speaks volumes. Being kind and caring towards all, versus being harsh and judgmental sets a tone and a level of expectation.

 by Denise Aungst,