Self-Compassion for Students: This Little Mind Trick Can Ease Homesickness

More than a few of those students will suffer homesickness, which can turn into depression, low motivation, insomnia, stomach aches and loneliness — and their dropout rates are three times higher than non-homesick students, according to one 1993 study. Three Duke University researchers examined one possible solution to the problem:self-compassion. Their results appeared in the journal Self and Identity.


According to Kristin Neff, a University of Texas psychologist and author of the 2011 book Self-Compassion, the three features of self-compassion are kindness toward oneself, a sense of common humanity with others and mindfulness — that is, awareness and acceptance of your own feelings. Her research has found that each of these components buffer people against negative reactions to undesired events, like failure, humiliation and rejection — all situations that are pretty common during the first year of college.


Mark R Leary

Meredith L Terry

By Bianca Lorenz