Self-compassion: An essential ingredient for change makers

Being kind to yourself isn’t just about patching yourself up so you can head back out onto the battlefield to fight for social justice. It’s a personal and political act which shows that you are worthy of being valued, cared for and loved, writes Julie Catt….

Ways to develop self-compassion

  •   Spend a little time in nature each day, allowing yourself to feel part of, rather than a visitor to, the natural environment.
  •  Become familiar with your body. Stroke your skin, sink into crevasses and over lumps. Appreciate it as a complex, changeable, warm, imperfect landscape that is uniquely your own, for the rest of your life.
  • Develop a mantra (something like: “I accept myself fully, and all feelings pass”, “I’m not afraid of being afraid”, or whatever fits), learn a breathing technique that works for you, and use them when anxiety comes to visit. …