Self and Other Ratings of Dyadic Empathy as Predictors of Relationship Satisfaction

Jonathan G. Kimmesa*, Anne B. Edwardsa, Joseph L. Wetchlera & Jerome Bercika

In this study, self and other ratings of dyadic empathy are proposed to predict relationship satisfaction. One-hundred and fifty-one individuals over the age of eighteen who were in a relationship of at least six months in length at the time of the survey completed the Interpersonal Reactivity Index for Couples (Péloquin & Lafontaine, 2010) and the Couples Satisfaction Index (Funk & Rogge, 2007).

Total scores for self and other rated dyadic empathy as well as scores of the congruity between self and other were assessed for each respondent.  

The results indicated that total perceived dyadic empathy and perceived dyadic empathic congruity were significant predictors of relationship satisfaction.