Scott Churchill and Edwin Rutsch: Dialogs on How to Build a Culture of Empathy

 Scott D. Churchill is Professor of Psychology at the University of Dallas and Editor of The Humanistic Psychologist. His work focuses on development of phenomenological and hermeneutic methodologies. Currently he is studying interspecies communication with Bonoboos. Scott wrote the article, Encountering the Animal Other: Reflections on Moments of Empathic Seeing.  He writes, “Unfortunately, there have not been many psychologists willing to entertain the notion of empathy or intuition as a reliable or even valid mode of access to psychological life of others.”


In this article Scott explores the first person (self-centered), third person (detached omnipotent) and empathic second person perspective. “As a whole, the field of psychology has generally provided for the first person perspective to be legitimate means of access only to one’s own private experience, while insisting that we must observe all others’ experience from a neutral “third person” perspective.”
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