Schedule | 2016 Conference | Transforming Community: The Radical Reality of Relationship

Schedule for the 2016 Transforming Community: The Radical Reality of Relationship conference.


Keynote Address: The Radical Reality of Relationship: The Power of Connection – Judith V. Jordan, Ph.D.
Together we can create radical and life sustaining empathy.


Community Event: Disruptive Empathy: Cultivating Healing and Hope for our Troubled Times
Presenter: Maureen Walker, Ph.D


 Transforming Community: The Power of Mutual Empathy
Presenter: Judith V. Jordan, Ph.D.
Empathy, practiced in a context of mutual respect, has a profound impact on social functioning. Some, like Stephen Hawking, have suggested that empathy is the only path to the preservation of the planet. When we empathize across difference we help to break down the walls of mistrust and competition that are rampant in a highly individualistic culture.


This talk will focus on how to build social organizations that embody mutual empathy that lead to more social cohesion, less extreme economic inequality, less violence and greater creativity.